Response to the Great Flooding of August 2016

When mother nature dumped an unprecedented amount of rain on Louisiana in August 2016, Better Pumps & Solutions was there when our customers needed us most. On August 11th, 2016 the rain began to fall at a rate of 2-3 inches of per hour. Consistent rain would fall over the next several days with the most recorded being over 31 inches in 3 days. The flood waters would continue for weeks as rivers would set new flood stage records.

When it was over, over 140,000 homes and thousands of businesses had been flooded. Several of our employees homes were flooded causing them to lose almost everything they owned. BPS was still able to deploy over 80 dewatering pumps in 10 days to homeowners, municipalities, contractors, pipeline companies, and industrial plants. We deployed everything from our 4″ Godwin Dri-Prime centrifugal pump to a 30″ Godwin Axial Flow pump. Our 24/7 Response Team was there when needed.

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