Baton Rouge South Wastewater Treatment Plant

On the morning of April 15th, 2019, Better Pumps & Solution received a call about a massive sinkhole in the middle of the South Wastewater Treatment Plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of the main sewer lines leading into the plant had developed a hole and began to erode the sediment beneath the foundation of the plant. Within 45 minutes BPS had men on site ready to solve every current and potential issues foreseen. Our team had (10) emergency 6″ Godwin CD150M Dri-Prime pumps on site that same day to stabilize the area and to bypass the existing flow that poured into the plant.

In the following week, our dedicated team of professionals had proposed a plan to bypass the 60″ sewer line with a flow of 59 MGD. Within two weeks of the very first call, BPS had (7) – 18″ Godwin CD400M Electric Trash Pumps, (7) – Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), a Project Logic Coordinator (PLC), over 3500′ of HDPE pipe, and several other 6″ and 12″ pumps staged and bypassing this critical line. With a 24-hour pump watch on site, every possible issue that arose was taken care of within minutes and without any spills. Through sound engineering, planning and execution; BPS has alleviated this issue as men worked tirelessly to resolve problems in their treatment plant. No job is too large or too difficult for this team of experts!