Our clients range from swimming pool companies to nuclear power plants. All customers are important to us and the size of the order does not dictate the level of service.

  • Construction


    Site work, municipal, marine, no matter the work, we have a product to meet your needs.



    We provide a wide range of pumps and accessories to wastewater personnel, water, and drainage.

  • Oil & Gas

    Pipeline companies rely on the durability of our products to get the job done.

  • Chemical

    Diesel, Air Operated, Electric, Stainless Steel, etc... whatever is needed we have it.




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    SELA-26 Urban Flood Control Project

    BPS was entrusted with developing a bypass pumping system that would allow the Florida Ave. and Peoples Ave. Canals to continue flow during construction improvements to the drainage system of the City of New Orleans. This system is comprised of a 24" Flygt Axial Flow Electric Submersible Pump that is operated automatically by a VFD via a Godwin Diesel Generator. This system will be able to bypass flows of up to 12,200 gallons per minute and allow the contractor to work safely in their work area. In addition, BPS has provided the contractor with 18" pumps to dewater a 72" sewer line in under 2 hours so they can complete their work during a 24 hour window. When it comes to dependability, the contractor relies on BPS because they know that we have the equipment and service they need to get the job done right.
  • Sasol North America

    BPS was the pump provider of choice for several of the prime contractors at the Sasol Ethane Cracker Plant in Westlake, LA. At approximately 2,800 acres, experience and reliability was needed to keep the site dry and the construction crews working. Millions of dollars can be lost without a proper de-watering plan. BPS helped design the de-watering plan for the Sasol site and had over 50 Godwin Dri Prime pumps on site to keep the area de-watered for the crews working. In addition to the pumps, BPS deployed over 24,000' of hose and pipe for suction and discharge, road ramps, fittings, and numerous accessories.
  • Flood Response

    When mother nature dumped an unprecedented amount of rain on Louisiana in August 2016 BPS was there when our customers needed us most. The rain began to fall on August 11th, 2016 at a rate of 2-3 inches of per hours. Consistent rain would fall over the next several days with the most recorded being over 31 inches in 3 days. The flood waters would continue for weeks as rivers would set new flood stage records. When it was over, over 140,000 homes and thousands of businesses had been flooded. Several of BPS employees homes were flooded causing them to lose almost everything they owned. BPS was still able to deploy over 80 dewatering pumps in 10 days to home owners, municipalities, contractors, pipeline companies, and industrial plants. BPS deployed everything from our 4" Godwin Dri-Prime centrifugal pump to a 30" Godwin Axial Flow pump. Our 24/7 Response Team was there when needed.


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